Where history meets modern day luxuries with standout extras 

Exclusives at Pilgrims Rest Cottages 

At Pilgrims Rest Cottages we aim to go the extra mile for our guests and offer extras outside of the norm but which can add so much to a stay, as our past guests have found. How about some pampering treatments, child sitting or even pet sitting or maid service? 


Our onsite pampering involves a professional beautician who can come to your barn and provide you with her various treatments, ranging from massages to manicures. This has gone down a treat with many of our guests! 

Child Sitting & Baby or Toddler Package 

Another addition we can provide is child sitting. With 5 children of our own we would have appreciated the ability to go out for an evening, knowing that the children are looked after. Because of this we thought it would be nice if we could somehow facilitate the same for other parents if they want. Rebekah and Hannah, our two daughters (aged 24 and 21), have provided many parents with child sitting whom need a night out. 
We can also provide highchairs, cots, children DVDs, night lights and monitors, baby baths and toys, child friendly cutlery and more to help ease a stay on request. 

Pet Sitting and Spoiling  

Here at Pilgrims Rest Cottages we are pet friendly and don't charge any extras for them; trusting our guests to care for the cottages. As we have pets of our own, we know how important it is for them to be looked after for our guests.That is why we provide a pet sitting service IF NEEDED allowing you to go out for the day or for an evening meal 

Maid Service 

Whilst on holiday nobody likes to do the normal chores that one has to do at home. At Pilgrims Rest Cottages we can arrange a maid service which involves cleaning and hoovering of the barn in which you would be staying in. 
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