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Pets at Pilgrims Rest Cottages 

Up to 35% of our guests now visit with their 4 legged friends. A big percentage. 
It is dog heaven down here. If you scroll down this page you''ll see Kimmy out with 2 of our dogs on a regular walk nearby and get an idea of why. 
We like to welcome our four legged friends as one of the family. A happy dog is a happy holiday! We treat them and hopefully you'll also see treat you with some special extras. 
Over the years we have been annoyed at the large charges we have had to pay to take ours away, when we have felt we were responsible owners. We want to treat our guests differently - we don't charge, trusting guests to follow some simple rules. This has gone down well over the years. 
We also: 
Give doggie welcome treats 
Provide information on walks, restaurants, attractions, beaches etc where they can go with their owners 
Supply pooper bags 
Have spare leads 
Have spare dog throws 
Provide dog sitting service 
(This is the text of our welcome letter to the pooches that goes next to the welcome letter to owners!) 
Health and Safety – we have a local Vet in Watcombe that all our dogs trust just in case you feel poorly. Their address and phone number: Animal Health Centre, 43 Moore Lane, Watcombe TQ2 8NU 01803 313400 (24/7 call line). Also, if you need a special treats or extras for your stay, we have a ‘Pets At Home’ store within a mile (TQ2 7AP. Just pop down Barton Hill Road passed the local shops to the main roundabout. Turn right and then at the lights, turn left into McDonalds / Pets At Home, Dunelm, Staples shopping area. 
Some Rules – Sorry but we have a few. Hope you don’t mind. They are for your own good and the wellbeing of your two legged friends! 
Please don’t pop upstairs in the bedrooms. You have your own lovely bed. Just in case you are tempted, we have a stair gate at the bottom to close. Please don’t hop on the settees if they have no throw on. Hopefully mum or dad have remembered to bring some, but in case we have some spares, if they ask. 
Although we all like some independence, we would prefer if you weren’t left on your own; just in case if you know what I mean. If mum or dad come to me, it maybe we can bend this rule – you may be just the most well behaved and secure dog. If you are not we could still arrange for some lovely person to sit with you in case your owners want some independence. 
Whilst you can’t clear away any of your messes, we have a supply of poo bags and a pooper scooper. We want to keep the gardens looking at their best for you. 
Safety – we don’t want you to get lost in a new area so the garden is secure as long as the gate is closed behind you; so please ask someone to close it for you 
Have a great stay and maybe we’ll meet during it. 
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